Big pattern and big manufacture: inherit a ingenuity, hold a industry

A few days ago, 2017 Zhejiang National Top 500 listannounced, Hailiang Group with over 150 billions revenue ranks third。 Behind hundreds of billions, is the big pattern of the "big manufacturing, big education, big ecology, big service, big health, big accountability" built by group nearly more than 30 years.  

Well do develops industry, industry rejuvenates the country. Attached to copper for nearly thirty years, Hailiang shares has always been a great adhere to the industry in a piece of ingenuity, transforms and upgrades, expands its scale, settles the "big manufacturing" new achievement.  After experiencing wind and rain, nowadays,  Hailiang shares has laid the leading position in the copper processing industry in the country, and even in the global industry. 

In the process of development, we firmly believe that: the entity industry is the cornerstone of enterprises to achieve sound and sustainable development, but also to promote social and economic and conducive to the international livelihood.

Key word  Overall Arrangement

In recent years, Hailiang shares with the capital market platform, constantly optimize the market layout, production layout and product layout of the enterprise.

At present, Hailiang shares layouts Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui, Guangdong, Vietnam, Thailand six production bases in the global,  its customers cover 117 countries and regions worldwide, core business has grown into three major series(cooper pipe, cooper rod and pipe fitting; aluminum profile; copper aluminum composite), eight leading products(copper alloy tubes, air conditioning tube for refrigeration, seamless copper water (gas) pipe, precision copper rod, pipe fitting, micro channel aluminum flat tube, aluminium extruded sections, copper aluminum composite),  products include nearly 100 brands, thousands of specifications, and provide security  for nuclear power, aerospace, marine engineering, desalination and other sophisticated industries related gateway,  at the same time, in information exchange, at home, travel and other fields, to satisfy people's quality pursuit of green life.

JMF company, a leading enterprises of the US air-conditioning, refrigeration and plumbing wholesale industry, Connaught Tatsu company's three companies Asia business and all intellectual property rights, three sales company of Jinlong shares... a series of mergers and acquisitions landing, continue to broaden and deepen the global layout of Hailiang shares. Taking JMF company as an example, since delivery, the company has sold thousands tons copper pipe, besides sales profits, it also brought a profit of hundreds of dollars per ton for the factory.

Focusing on the channels, brand and influence of objects of mergers and acquisitions, adhering to the basic idea of improving efficiency and reducing links, Hailiang shares through the output and replication of the management model and mechanism to eliminate the risk of objects of mergers and acquisitions, achieved the effect of "1+1>2". 

Key word  Innovation

Facing the contradiction between supply and demand caused by overcapacity in traditional manufacturing industries, Hailiang shares clears target positioning, seizes the opportunities for reform, and continues to innovation and upgrading.

As national pilot unit for intellectual property rights”, national post-doctoral research setting station units”, provincial innovative enterprise, with a state-level enterprise technology center, the first provincial enterprise research institute in Zhejiang Province, the provincial-level high-tech R & D center, the provincial key innovation team and the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of education",Hailiangcopper processing technology development laboratory, relying on a strong R & D processing capacity, Hailiang shares builds quality and effective supply, accelerates the pace of industrial technological upgrading, achieves cluster effects and economies of scale。 In 2016, thehigh-quality and low-consumption informatization production line construction project with an annual output of 25 thousand tons of refrigeration air-conditioning tubein Zhejiang headquarters achieving mass production, high efficiency energy-saving environmental production line project of precision copper tube with an annual output of 25 thousand tonsin Guangdong being completed, which enriched enterprise product matrix and urged new vitality。

At the same time tamping the traditional foundation, determining the industry leading position, Hailiang shares also actively explore and expand in new materials and new technologies, and has achieved significant technological breakthroughs in air conditioning and refrigeration copper tube, copper water (gas) tube and pipe, copper alloy tube, the process and mould of precision copper and new product development and other respects, R & D technology and products have won 8 Zhejiang science and technology awards, 16 non-ferrous metals industry association science and technology awards and other ministerial awards。

        In 2016, through the analysis of the energy consumption structure of copper processing, the company has carried out technological innovation and equipment upgrading, so that the rate of finished products of red copper tube has been improved by 8% than that of the traditional one, and the rate of finished products of copper alloy tube has been improved by 10%. Energy consumption accounted for 5.2% of the total energy consumption in the previous year。

Currently, Hailiang shares and its holding subsidiaries submitted 210 applications for patents, among them, 1 international patent, 55 invention patents, 155 utility models, acquired 165 patent right, among them, 17 invention patents, 148 utility models. The innovative initiatives, not only enhance the profitability and development potential of the company, but also make the first layout in  the development of alternative resources, continues to promote the transformation and upgrading of copper processing and related industries, makes efforts to realize the sustainable development of the whole industry.

Key word  Refined Management

If there is no scientific and reasonable system, there is no fine management, the objectives, profits and development of the enterprise is out of the question. Therefore, Hailiang shares in the material, processing, production, risk control and other fields to take refined management, so as to effectively come out on top。

As one of the modern enterprise management systems, the accuracy of budget management is a very important index to measure the level of enterprise management. The plan and budget of Hailiang shares can be accurate to the minimum unit value, the implementation of the budget is also the best. By the end of 2015, Hailiang shares has given the 2016 net profit target, according to the estimated data in the first three quarters, in 2016 we can over achieve the target task. The final data confirmed this prediction, with an actual net profit of 551 million yuan over completion.

How exactly does this budget and practice work? The introduction of each annual budget is the result of the relevant departments in three months。 In Hailiang shares, there is an unwritten rule, at the beginning of October, we will budget for next year, before the end of December, the budget must be introduced。

This is the use of a seemingly cumbersome, but effectively fine management, Hailiang shares gains a foothold in the fierce and cruel market competition。

However, in recent years, the fluctuation of copper price, exchange rate and interest rate has brought great challenges to the management of the industry. Facing the risk, Hailiang shares continues to improve the internal and external risk control mechanism, through the use of foreign exchange financial instruments control means, effectively control the risk of exchange rate fluctuations, with a sound and pragmatic style, the business performance is outshine others, last year the export volume of copper pipe accounted for 33% of the country's total, ranked first in the country for consecutive nine years, and is the champion in the operating profit of the domestic 7 copper processing listed companies。  

Key word Inginuity

With good faith to cultivate the soul of ingenuity. No matter how experienced fierce market and competitive situation, the respect for the integrity of Hailiang shares has always been flowing in the bones, in different stages of development, keeps the same devotion to the enterprise, continue to deepen trustworthiness culture , nature the essence of the Craftsmans spirit。 

Hailiangis the first private enterprise in Zhejiang province to introduce "the compensation for breaking promise"。 In the prominent position of Hailiang shares, "good faith commitment card" is placed, the golden promise warms heart: various economic transactions with our company, we guarantee payment according to the time stipulated in the contract or oral promise(postponed in Holidays), otherwise, we will compensate you 10 times as much as the bank's one-year deposit interest rate。。。。。。

In order to protect this ingenuity, Hailiang shares has built a ecosystem blue-collar post, takes the first key operation posts, technical quality engineers (technicians), mechanical (electrical) engineers (technicians), professional functional personnel as the core, pays attention to their survival and development in Hailiang shares, provides them with comprehensive and systematic services in political status, income and benefits, living environment, welfare housing, children's education, education and training, cultural entertainment and other aspects, through the construction of ecosystem to promote the blue-collar group of Hailiang shares happy work and happy life, and make concerted efforts to create the next brilliant of Hailiangs "big manufacturing".

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